I got the call!!

If you were to tell me 15 years ago that I would be a “fashion consultant” for LuLaRoe I would have laughed. Fashion has not always been my forte. I grew up in a small rural town, with parents who were avid gardeners and beekeepers. My extent of fashion was a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. They were lucky that I wore a dress to my prom. I hated dressing up, I hated makeup. It was something I did not grow up with. 
All of this quickly changed as soon as I stepped foot on my college campus! I quickly learned what a Coach purse was, and fell in love with Carrie from Sex and the City. Shoes, purses and fashion quickly became my first loves, along with chocolate martinis. I love how fashion is an ever changing and evolving industry, trends come and go but always have a fresh spin. New names are always introduced, where some have been around for decades coming and going in popularity. Designers may pass away, like Versace and McQueen, but their legacies live on through their family and/or their companies. It may be a highly superficial topic, but without fashion we would live boring lives, without any purpose to strive to look and feel better with who you are and what you can accomplish. Fashion can make or break a job interview, a first date, or even the memories of a last farewell. Whether people realize it or not, it is what we see first in someone, before an initial handshake. What impression do you make on people?
I first was introduced to LuLaRoe this past October. I have seen it at fairs, and heard of it in passing but never witnessed the clothing first hand. My ballroom studio hosted a LuLaRoe party and a Park Lane jewelry party, and ever since I could not get enough. I bough a Nicole dress, a Sarah cardigan and an Azure skirt. I was not sure what the leggings fuss was about but we will get into that on another post. I got multiple compliments on the Nicole, and it fits my body type perfectly. I was then added on an online party by my friend Karie- where I met my sponsor- the fabulous Amanda Gallo. She made LuLaRoe really fun- different events, different games… she just has such a wonderful personality. She made me want to keep buying and trying new products. I asked what it takes to become a LuLaRoe consultant- intrigued by her story I decided to join the queue right away! It was a 6+ week wait! I was already looking for possibly applying to a second job- college loans will be starting to come in and I want to keep taking lessons in ballroom dancing. I recently graduated with an MA in Organizational Leadership, and have not found a position in management to support my dancing hobby!
Of course nothing comes quickly or easily- my wait was 7 and a half weeks! I got my call today!!! And was onboarded at 2:05pm! My little blog will be all about my experiences in the queue, stories of fashion, experiences, ballroom dancing, and why I keep pushing to be a great consultant!

Please add my Facebook VIP group for chances to win leggings and more 🙂



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