Outstanding Outfit Capsules

Being able to put my creativity to work is one of the perks of being a LuLaRoe Fashion consultant.  This past week I gave something new a whirl: Outfit Capsules.

Now with the business in full swing, and an inventory of almost 700 items, it is important to me, as a consultant, to delve deeper into the oceans of fashion and come up with some trendy outfits for my customers.  Why is this important?  LuLaRoe is SO bright and has SO many patterns, sometimes consumers get overwhelmed with how to make pieces match or work well together, or pattern mixing (which was a major faux pas pre-LuLaRoe rage) is just something people can’t catch the knack of, or even the fact that photos are deceiving and hard to match colors properly.  It is my job as a consultant to make consumers feel beautiful and comfortable, as well as happy with their product.

How can I make my consumers happier with their purchases in the long run?  My answer was outfit capsules.  I made multiple outfit capsules in all sizes containing 3 to 9 outfits depending on the items within the capsules.  This would give the consumer the opportunity to only buy once – say 5 items for a reasonable price and have multiple outfits.  This gives them more bang for their buck and so many fashionable & fun options!  No thought is needed, everything is already matched and ready to go.  Add some cute accessories and Voila!  Cute, Comfy, Fabulous!

Capsule making was a lot of work – it is not for the faint of heart.  It took me a few hours to brain storm ideas and what I wanted my outfits to include.  After thinking about what I wanted, I pulled out all the pieces from my inventory, changed some things, added somethings, even made more capsules than expected.  It took over 5 hours to put together and photograph my capsules!  This gave my VIP’s a chance to see how beautiful outfits are and what LuLaRoe’s full outfit potential is!  Individual pieces are not always self-selling in a photograph alone- however pair them with a necklace, a belt, or knot it up with a cute skirt and proper lighting and the pieces pop out of the photo and you will fall in love with LuLaRoe all over again!

Are you looking for some fun outfits?  Join in on the fun in my VIP group!  Shop Capsules or request a personalized capsule!  Our goal is to make you comfortable!


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