Customer of the Month!! December!

Sorry this is so late but December has been a whirlwind!! This months customer of the Month is Dawn Mills!! She and I go WAY back… like 16 years back!!! Yikes! She’s one of my longest and truest friends!! I am grateful to have such a wonderful person in my life!! Congrats Dawn- $10 LuLaCash goes to you!

How did you hear about LuLaRoe? It was a new things at the time. A bunch of consultants set up at the mall. I vowed to never pay that much for leggings and here I sit with 40 pairs of leggings 3 classic t’s 2perfect T’s, 1 Irma, 2 Cassies, 4 maxi’s, and 2 Sarahs!

What do you love about LuLaRoe? The many different ways to style the fabulous pieces of each design

What is your favorite style and why? The Cassie because I can wear it as a skirt and a tube top. It’s two styles in one!

What is your favorite color to wear? Dark blues

What would you say to someone who has never heard of LuLaRoe? Lularoe is like potatoe chips, you can not just have one. You will not regre wresting lularoe!

How did you meet Jessica? We both loved watching the WWE especially the Undertaker and we met in a chat room dedicated to talking about him.

Have you found your unicorn? What is it? Yes I have! The multi color skull leggings that came out this year!

Do you prefer chocolate or vanilla cupcakes? Well chocolate of course!

Pizza or tacos? Pizza! And yes pineapple goes on pizza!!

Coke or Pepsi? Cherry coke

Tell us a favorite memory or story about yourself. Oh my there are so many but last year I got to meet the man that I fell in love with 40 years ago at the age of 7……Eric Estrada!!


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