With great enthusiasm, LuLaRoe just announced their new “Happiness” and “Make good Program” policies. With the recent back lash of unhappy customers due to holes in leggings, LuLaRoe had to respond to make things right. This company is a highly successful and new company. Any negative press can be devastating for sales, however anyone I know who buys or sells LuLaRoe stands with the company. The leggings are brushed in such a way to make them so soft that sometimes the fabric is delicate and thin, but the company still stands by their products. I would always take soft leggings over any other competitors brand now that I know the feel, and what beautiful designs LuLaRoe has to offer. One of the reasons I became a rep is because of the beautiful pieces LuLaRoe offers, as well as the warm, loving culture the company projects outward to reps and to the community. 
Customer satisfaction is the key to a successful company, but how can companies promote a culture to have employees/representitves (of any company not just LLR) successfully project happiness as well. Being a direct sales company, LuLaRoe has to put all of their confidence in all of the lovely ladies who sell their products. Some have different strategies than others, some have a lighter touch when coming to customer service, and some are more crafty in packaging and sending out lovely notes to their patrons. There is NO screening process in becoming a consultant with LuLaRoe- you just have to have cash on hand in your bank account. If you are going to be successful at direct sales you must have what it takes to make the sales, otherwise you will be the one failing, losing your money you had invested. The company is not the one losing out- or is it? The company’s recent bad press with leggings having holes expressed people having difficulty getting exchanges. Is this LuLaRoe or is this the direct sales rep? I had one pair I wore out in less than 30 days one of my lovely reps quickly exchanged for me. I took photos of the 3 tags, and the holes, sent them to her via FB messenger and I was allowed to use $25 credit in her online boutique. I used it towards a beautiful Azure skirt instead of leggings (since I am stock piled in leggings now). She made the process quick, simple and easy (which is why I am not understanding why so many complaints are apparently being made when there is such an easy return process).  It is all in the representative of the company you work for. IF you have a lazy or difficult direct sales rep- no matter the company – it is a bad representation of that company.  The representatives of the company must represent the company the best they can. They are a mascot. They are the face of LuLaRoe. They can give the company a bad name, or a beautiful face. Come on girls, let’s give our amazing company the name it deserves!

There are some essential values to keep when hiring employees (I am talking any company in general not LLR reps) to keep the company’s core values and culture alive.

-Hiring and keeping employees/representatives with positive attitude will promote a positive work environment and a positive interaction with customers, which will bring back repeat business and happy customers. Happy customers are the key to free advertisement for your company!

-Creating an environment that promotes happiness will ensure that employees/reps will want to create happiness and find happiness in their own lives. If a company wants to create happiness- the company looks for ways to better improve the workplace, work culture, process improvement, and customer experience. It would be a joy working for a company that would promote such values.

-Let employees/reps create their own schedules – by letting emloyees create their own schedules or choosing hours (full or part time) you will help them work around their hobbies, families, schooling, and other goals in order for them to gain their own happiness.

-Positive motivation. Never talk down to employees/reps or consumers, Positive attitudes wins everyone at the end of the day.  If someone does not meet a quota do not reprimand them- better luck next month! Or offer words of advice and encouragement. 

-Bonuses when appropriate. Articles in the Harvard Business Review have argued that bonuses or incentives can hurt employees/reps work. I believe this is correct in such instances as healthcare registration (asking for more money than required from patients to reach copay incentives, etc. or making clerical errors when quick overturns are needed in an ER), however in retail I believe up-selling or trying to reach monthly goals is a healthy way to compete. Consequently raising goals monthly to unreasonable standards can hurt relationships amongst co-workers and employees/reps to consumers. One lady pushed so hard at a direct sales party I had- my friends will never attend another party I throw with this company- whether or not it involves this rep. It hurt her, and hurt her company. If a company has reasonable goals, there is no unreasonable expectations that causes consultants to harass consumers.

-Respond to complaints in a reasonable amount of time according to company policy. There is no reason to be slow to respond. Take the issue into your hands and deal with it- end of story. You are a representitve of the company and it is your responsibility to make the consumer happy within the guidelines of the company policy.

-Keep employees/reps (also sign ons of your team) and customers informed of company updates the best you can. Keep people excited for the future and growth. When there is excitement and no fear for the future, that will ensure long term success.

-Listen, show courtesy and respect, ensure customers have the highest care and best experience

-Share your pride! BE PROUD to represent your company! UP TALK your team! LOVE what you do and who you represent. Be in the moment!

And what my current full time employer’s catch phrase is: “Every moment, every person, every time!”

LuLaRoe is such an amazing company… I hope this new happiness policy brings much more happiness to its reps and its consumers, bringing much more positive business and new people into the LuLaRoe Family!  Nothing is more important than keeping positivity in the company and projecting it outward into the world. Happy employees/reps make happy consumers. Happy consumers bring more business. More business brings more diversity and creativity that LuLaRoe can bring us!!! 

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