The Quest for Brightness

No one would second guess the colors LuLaRoe puts into their designs- some people love it, some people find many styles too bright (and I have to reassure them that there are also a little less bold colors sometimes).. but colors do tend to scare people. Time magazine recently has published an article “American Fashion Has Gotten More Colorful: Here’s What Changed” by Olivia B Waxman.  

I was intrigued by the article because LuLaRoe has brought bright bold colors into daily wear, I even wear bright orange and blue together at work and brighten up the office. And now the company and many consultants are even encouraging a past fashion faux pas: pattern mixing. Who would have ever thought bold, bright, pattern mixing would be the trend?

According to Waxman, all of these colors and florals happened post WW2- companies started developing synthetic fibers that took brighter dyes that helped fabric keep color, fabrics also became more affordable. Previous to WW2, bright colors were only for the rich, and if worn by anyone else it would have been seen as “gaudy” and “immoral.” It began to change in the 1930’s when middle class leisure time was popularized after the institution of the 40-hour work week. Vibrant colors and big floral prints introduced to mass fashion, however due to fabric quality, dyed natural fibers were light sensitive and faded easily. “Early synthetic fibers did not keep color easily” explained Waxman. Before science could make fabric better, WW2 had broken out and all the extra synthetic (such as nylon) fabrics were used for curtains to parachutes, causing what was used by clothing industries to be rationed. Luckily the war had ended and the fashion industry flourished.  

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Reading National Geographic’s article “Killer Clothing was All the Rage in the 19th Century” by Becky Little explores how bright fashion was even deadly at one point in time. Some of the most fashionable clothing were made with poisonous chemicals, such as arsenic, that are severely toxic to humans. Not only did the wearers of this clothing suffer, but so did those who produced and worked with the dyes daily. Arsenic was used in curtains, wallpapers, and even candles. It is used to dye the color green, which also ended up in dresses and gowns, as well as artificial flowers used to decorate hair and clothing. Arsenic caused rashes to those who wore them. The makers of the garments and accessories had worse deaths- symptoms I will not get into here (but please read the article). After much to do about the deaths from arsenic in dying fabric- many European countries banned the use of it, and synthetic dyes were created.

Today is is not an unfamiliar thing to hear about workplace safety. But in fashion- are there still issues? According to Little, Turkey recently banned sand blasting jeans due to contraction of silicosis from breathing in the sand. This, unfortunately, is still high in demand and such manufacturing is just moved to another country. 

Now there are also new initiatives such as the “new Circular Fibres Initiative” that bring clothing retailers together. The companies involved want to “build a circular economy for textiles.” This program will try to change the apparel industry to regenerative and sustaining business model. The fast pace world with an ever growing supply and demand of cotton with the lowest prices possible leads to farmers using and handling toxic pesticides that can harm their health and the environment, and in factories forced labor is still present but stays hidden. Many clothing companies are creating solutions to these problems, including organic cotton, and plant based footwear. “Circular Fibres Initiative has a stated goal of the textile industry using only recycled or other sustainably sourced materials by 2030.”  

Although we have come far from toxic dresses, there are still some strides to take. My advice to you my fellow LulaLovers…. donate your clothing! Do not throw it away- whether it be to consignment, Goodwill, a homeless shelter or Salvation Army- there are so many people who will re-use your unwanted clothing. If you are crafty- re-purpose your old attire into purses, wallets, and totes. Many people sell these for a sum on eBay. Pay it forward. 

Now that we can wear our bright colored fabulous clothing (and not get arsenic poisoning or worry about fading), lets use them as conversation pieces and show the world how amazing fashion is- and how many amazing companies are striving to do good by us!

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Unicorn Craze and Carly Daze

My unicorn got me hooked on LuLaRoe and I didn’t even know it. 
What? How can that be? Yes you heard it right ladies and (few) gentlemen. I had NO idea. I was unaware of what a “unicorn” was… how highly sought out pieces were… and how much people are willing to pay for some pieces!!  

Some of you may be asking “what is a unicorn?” And some of you might be thinking its that majestic one horned horse you see on Lisa Frank trapper keepers from 1989. And no, it’s not that Starbucks drink. It is a pattern of LuLaRoe that is highly sought out by someone- to the point of possible obsession!  

The FIRST online purchase of LuLaRoe I made from my Sponsor, Amanda, was my beloved donut leggings. I love anything DONUTS! I don’t eat them often- but I like to share Neil’s donut’s in Wallingford with a friend on a special occasion maybe once or twice a year. So Donuts bring happy memories. When Amanda brought those donut leggings on screen I had to have them! My heart jumped and my fingers quickly scrambled to type SOLD!! And they were mine! My first pair of leggings. I did not know how soft and how addicting they would be either. Now I have NUMEROUS pairs of leggings! And will never buy another brand. Some may find $25 steep, however they are so comfy, soft, and have a nice thick band so they compliment your waist line.

I had another Unicorn I searched through thousands upon thousands of leggings. I wanted Pineapple leggings. I am still searching for OS pineapple leggings, however my friend Jessica found me Tween leggings and settled for them. Why do I love Pineapples? I was in Newport, RI and had to buy this sweater with pineapples on it…. and ever since pineapples bring fond memories of Newport- my favorite place in the USA. It is such a beautiful place- if you have not been I highly suggest a vacation!

Do I have any current Unicorns? I believe everyone who loves LuLaRoe will gain a new unicorn for every Unicorn they find. It is impossible to stop. I have reasons for every piece I love and reasons for every piece I want. What are your unicorns and why are they so special to you? Are you currently searching for them or have you found them?

Recently, in my first album sale, I had a serious stash of unicorns. I had a few ladies approach me in disbelief with the great first shipment LuLaRoe had sent me. They sent me the gold, a treasure chest. I had beautiful pieces that were on many ISO threads I had come to find out later on.  

When I had posted my merchandise last Wednesday, I woke up Thursday morning with over 16 pending requests to join my VIP group. I was shocked. How did people find out about my group? I struggled weeks before to increase membership. I had this gorgeous Carly in XS and Medium.

A heathered grey with coral orange and teal Native American patterns. I had never thought of having a Unicorn of something other than a pattern that meant something to me… but these ladies unicorns were this dress that I just passed a blind eye in my shipment. Was I missing something?  

The beautiful Carly in question

I asked Crystal, one of the lovely ladies who had purchased the Carly, “do you have any reasons why you wanted and loved that piece?” Crystal replied that she “honestly thought it was different from any I had seen before. And I could picture it as a cute summer dress or in the fall with cute brown boots and a little jacket or sweater.” Yes! Crystal is right- that is such a cute outfit no matter what season. With a light Lindsay or a jean jacket, tied with a hair band or wrapped with a brown braided belt. This dress is fashionable at a music festival this summer or at a coffee shop sipping a pumpkin spice latte.

“I can’t believe I actually got it and it was true to size and fits… …and its funny because I didn’t realize so many people wanted it, but now I’m seeing it ISO everywhere! And no I don’t care what the offer would be I am in loveee!!!” Yes, Crystal we are too! Enjoy that Carly, and gloat you got this Unicorn before someone else did! You look fabulous in it, and we can’t wait to see it through all the seasons! 

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Trendy Tuesday!

I decided to spice some things up today on this #TrendyTuesday.
Today’s outfits of the day! A beautiful Carly and Lindsay! And a beautiful Cassie and Lindsay! As always up for grabs in my VIP GROUP!

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