Christmas too Soon?

Hello lovelies, it’s that time of year. The autumn air is crisp, leaves are scattered across the road, pumpkins are galore. And Holiday leggings are released. (Find them here)

How soon is too soon for Christmas? Walking into Walmart a month ago they had started setting up Christmas items. Is the frenzy and urgency needed? Almost every person I am in contact with are annoyed by “already seeing Christmas” in September and October.

I rarely hear people ever say “it’s too early for Halloween” when items are being released over the summer. But why are people so much more annoyed with Christmas? Is it because it marks the dead of winter? And the only fun we have until Valentines? Is it the dread of buying gifts and possibly going into a small debt? Why do people not like seeing Christmas early?

As a fashion consultant I am thrilled to announce LuLaRoe’s holiday capsule released now. It gives consumers the whole month of November (the best shopping month) to square away gifts. It also gives consumers time to purchase holiday leggings and holiday shirts to wear through out the next 2 months. So happy holidays from my family to yours! Come shop some holiday leggings on Halloween! In my VIP!


Outstanding Outfit Capsules

Being able to put my creativity to work is one of the perks of being a LuLaRoe Fashion consultant.  This past week I gave something new a whirl: Outfit Capsules.

Now with the business in full swing, and an inventory of almost 700 items, it is important to me, as a consultant, to delve deeper into the oceans of fashion and come up with some trendy outfits for my customers.  Why is this important?  LuLaRoe is SO bright and has SO many patterns, sometimes consumers get overwhelmed with how to make pieces match or work well together, or pattern mixing (which was a major faux pas pre-LuLaRoe rage) is just something people can’t catch the knack of, or even the fact that photos are deceiving and hard to match colors properly.  It is my job as a consultant to make consumers feel beautiful and comfortable, as well as happy with their product.

How can I make my consumers happier with their purchases in the long run?  My answer was outfit capsules.  I made multiple outfit capsules in all sizes containing 3 to 9 outfits depending on the items within the capsules.  This would give the consumer the opportunity to only buy once – say 5 items for a reasonable price and have multiple outfits.  This gives them more bang for their buck and so many fashionable & fun options!  No thought is needed, everything is already matched and ready to go.  Add some cute accessories and Voila!  Cute, Comfy, Fabulous!

Capsule making was a lot of work – it is not for the faint of heart.  It took me a few hours to brain storm ideas and what I wanted my outfits to include.  After thinking about what I wanted, I pulled out all the pieces from my inventory, changed some things, added somethings, even made more capsules than expected.  It took over 5 hours to put together and photograph my capsules!  This gave my VIP’s a chance to see how beautiful outfits are and what LuLaRoe’s full outfit potential is!  Individual pieces are not always self-selling in a photograph alone- however pair them with a necklace, a belt, or knot it up with a cute skirt and proper lighting and the pieces pop out of the photo and you will fall in love with LuLaRoe all over again!

Are you looking for some fun outfits?  Join in on the fun in my VIP group!  Shop Capsules or request a personalized capsule!  Our goal is to make you comfortable!

Halloween Give away!

Love Halloween? Join my VIP for a chance to win the Halloween tote giveaway! Every item purchased you get a chance to win! LuLaRoe Surprises worth up to $50 hiding in the tote too!

It’s just a bunch of hocus pocus!

I would lie if I told you I am happy it is autumn.  I love autumn, don’t get me wrong.  I love the crisp air, apple desserts, pumpkin carving- however it means winter is around the corner.  I live in beautiful New England – with colorful changing leaves, and many festivals dedicated to autumn traditions.  I look forward to Halloween, but as soon as Halloween passes then the dark and cold winter falls upon us.  I hibernate until mid-March.

That being said let’s talk about my pinnacle of the autumn months- Halloween!  The only thing I really look forward to besides Christmas over the end of the year. It is my favorite holiday.  Whether its people watching in Salem, MA, or dressing up and partying on Bourbon Street, I have made the last few Halloweens a day to remember for the rest of my life.

As a child we always dressed up and walk to our neighbors houses. We live in a very rural area so the houses are very far apart. As I got older, in high school, my aunt would help me make my own costumes – and that is what started my love of Halloween. Dressing up as my favorite characters and the first way I had learned to express myself outside of the box. I was Snape from Harry Potter my senior year of high school, due to my love of Alan Rickman. The most in depth costume I had created was a bobble head nurse from Silent Hill. I had made a paper mache mask and dyed a nurses dress. My personality is to be different and to be creative. I am never content just doing something- I have to pull my all into it.

This year I have no extravagant plans but to spend Halloween with my mom and aunts- to spend time at a restaurant together down on the CT Shoreline. We all plan to dress up- so the question I had posed to myself was… now that I am a fashion consultant how can I make this a fun LULAROE Halloween?

I decided to put my thinking cap on.  How about LuLaRoe inspired Halloween costumes?  I quickly rushed home and went through my inventory.  Like a kid in a candy shop I imagined what each piece could possibly turn into with a few cute accessories.  The cheshire cat, a cow girl, clowns.. you name it I have created it.  Why buy a costume for $40+ when you can buy a dress or shirt/leggings that you can wear all year?  And when people ask about it, you can proudly say you are wearing LuLaRoe!

Curious to see what my creative juices came up with?  Come head over to my VIP group!!  We are also hosting a giveaway at the moment. Stay tuned to see what costume I will be wearing this year!!

Disney Villain and Nightmare Before Christmas!

It is with great enthusiasm I announce LuLaRoe’s release of Disney Villains and Nightmare Before Christmas! To get kids and adult closing visit my VIP page to order!

Growing up I have always loved the Disney Villains- they were always such multi demential characters compared to the heroes. There is always a back story and a great in depth approach to making these villains relate to the viewer as to why they chose the path of darkness. Who is your favorite villain? Why?

I love Captain Hook! I have always been fond of pirates, however when Dustin Hoffman played Hook I fell in love. Everyone knows I love big, glitzy, extravagant things- which is how Hook dressed and presented himself. His presence on screen was amazing and ever since he has always been my favorite Disney character!

Let’s hear about yours!

Understanding YOU

Getting in touch with yourself is something many people try to accomplish, however most people never seem to ever really get to know themselves or their full potential.  Recently a new found friend has introduced me to a few books that we both find very interesting – one being The Secret Language of Birthdays by Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers.   I usually do not believe in these sorts of books, however when he brought the book to me one afternoon, and read all about myself I was in amazement.  That book knew me, inside and out.  People born on my birthday, January 30, all share similar correlating attributes, and the author compiled them into a book in order to understand yourself, and others.

Why is this so important to me?  To LuLaRoe?  I will share with you some thoughts about my birthday to better understand why I am sharing this with you, my dear readers.

The opening sentence is as follows:  “Those commanding personalities born on January 30 are born to lead.”  Well that’s me in a nutshell.  I can’t deny it.  My best friend, Karen, saw this in me years ago when she was my interim supervisor in my last job.  She knew I had to rise up and get out of the basement where I worked.  I was not content, and still am not content sitting in a cubicle all day typing on keys.  I have energy, motivation and I strive to do better.  She introduced me to a program at Quinnipiac, where I finally just finished my M.S. in Organizational Leadership.  When I could not get a job right away, one month later I made a huge decision to be the leader in my own business and joined the Queue for LuLaRoe.  I am not a follower, I have never been.

The book continues, that I have a “great talent for guiding, entertaining, teaching, explaining, and in general making their ideas clear to others.”  I am sure good at entertaining- I seriously am the cheerful office personality.  I make everyone laugh, and smile whereas most people are stuck in their mundane, repetitive jobs with no humor or happiness in their day.  I have been told by the boss I am the smart ass of the group.  A well earned title.  Although, the author claims I have great talent for guiding, teaching, explaining- that is something I always need to work on within myself and hope to bring those talents into light.  If I want to lead- I must teach.  I can be introverted and quiet, and also impatient: all negative attributes for a leader I clearly need to work on.  I need all of these traits to be a successful manager in healthcare, and especially in the fashion consulting business in LuLaRoe- they are essential traits for success.

I am not a person who likes to work with others, or take over others projects- I like to work alone and start things from scratch: another correct assessment by The Secret Language of Birthdays.  Getting my M.S. online, all the classes were geared towards group discussions and projects.  I despised it.  Especially in the beginning where I was so used to working alone when I went to school for History.  They wanted us to learn to work together, and take on different roles in groups.  I still dislike it to this day.  In LuLaRoe, we are also in a “group” and have to work together to be successful.  I am having a MUCH easier time with this, realizing the group is there to help you rather than hinder you.  My team is full of great ladies who chat daily, share ideas, and help each other in difficult situations (be it business or personal related).

I think  the most important statement, and possibly the most positive statement about myself from the book is that we do not recognize failure as a set back, but as a learning experience.  I think that is a mantra everyone needs.  Failure is a set back- that does not mean you should give up. Pick yourself up and start over.  Learn from your mistakes.  This is why I am so active in so many things- I love to learn.   What is the most important thing my ballroom instructor says?  Make mistakes!  And make them big!  Why?  Because you then know when you did wrong, and can fix them.  Life is all about learning, and growing.  LuLaRoe is a learning experience every day.  Some ideas I have had worked- great!  But others I were not so lucky with and have to learn more and work on certain skills.  Ordering the right items and sizes, or how much of a special capsule to order are always challenging and am still learning.  Yes- a minor set back but never any reason to give up.   Learning about supersaturation of the market was an eye opener when Disney items selling slowed down.  Also learning about supply and demand has been a trial and error task.  So many businesses have people hired for all these specific analytical tasks, but as a small business owner in direct sales I am learning every single job and how to do it.  I am not failing- I am learning and growing every day with LuLaRoe and would never want it any other way.

The negative aspect of my birthday is we are very persuasive individuals. The book states the justification in my “fancy footwork” is for the good of myself, friends, family etc.  Although not negative from a business stand point- goodness knows sales people need to be awfully persuasive and cunning even – from a personal level that can be difficult if you end up hurting others around you to justify your actions for another.  I will just be aware of this trait, and keep it strong only for marketing and selling my business.  I would never want to intentionally be persuasive to cause negative reactions.

I cannot operate without trust, the book hit this one dead on also.  I have grown so much since working for the hospital the past almost 8 years.  I remember wanting to trust people I worked with, but that trust was broken within a week of working there.  It took me years to get over this distrust of anyone in the working world.  I never knew who was for or against me.  Leaving that department and now starting in a new one almost 3 years ago- I now trust most of my coworkers and have become very close friends with a few of them.  I can now function in a work place where I do not feel threatened and can be open about myself without repercussions.  It is also important in my LuLaRoe business to have a trust with my customers, and hopefully the customers trust me as a retailer.  It is ideal that I am honest about the product, my schedule for shipments, and why I am a retailer.  I also think trust between myself and my sponsor is vital to the success of our team.  I trust Amanda and her advice, as she also can talk to me for such matters.  Trust in others and yourself, and trust from others is how you can become a successful business woman and friend.  It is a foundation.  Without trust – there is nothing.

Advice from the book to myself is to be more transparent, let people know what I am thinking and what I want, learn to share and focus on personal relationships.

This book has given me a page worth of words, and with these words I looked at myself and now understand my strengths, weaknesses and what I should work on.  I highly recommend to anyone wanting to know more about themselves to pick this book up and give it a read!


Goldschneider, Gary and Joost Effers.  The Secret Language of Birthdays. Penguin Publishing Company, 2010

The Quest for Brightness

No one would second guess the colors LuLaRoe puts into their designs- some people love it, some people find many styles too bright (and I have to reassure them that there are also a little less bold colors sometimes).. but colors do tend to scare people. Time magazine recently has published an article “American Fashion Has Gotten More Colorful: Here’s What Changed” by Olivia B Waxman.  

I was intrigued by the article because LuLaRoe has brought bright bold colors into daily wear, I even wear bright orange and blue together at work and brighten up the office. And now the company and many consultants are even encouraging a past fashion faux pas: pattern mixing. Who would have ever thought bold, bright, pattern mixing would be the trend?

According to Waxman, all of these colors and florals happened post WW2- companies started developing synthetic fibers that took brighter dyes that helped fabric keep color, fabrics also became more affordable. Previous to WW2, bright colors were only for the rich, and if worn by anyone else it would have been seen as “gaudy” and “immoral.” It began to change in the 1930’s when middle class leisure time was popularized after the institution of the 40-hour work week. Vibrant colors and big floral prints introduced to mass fashion, however due to fabric quality, dyed natural fibers were light sensitive and faded easily. “Early synthetic fibers did not keep color easily” explained Waxman. Before science could make fabric better, WW2 had broken out and all the extra synthetic (such as nylon) fabrics were used for curtains to parachutes, causing what was used by clothing industries to be rationed. Luckily the war had ended and the fashion industry flourished.  

Image courtesy of
Reading National Geographic’s article “Killer Clothing was All the Rage in the 19th Century” by Becky Little explores how bright fashion was even deadly at one point in time. Some of the most fashionable clothing were made with poisonous chemicals, such as arsenic, that are severely toxic to humans. Not only did the wearers of this clothing suffer, but so did those who produced and worked with the dyes daily. Arsenic was used in curtains, wallpapers, and even candles. It is used to dye the color green, which also ended up in dresses and gowns, as well as artificial flowers used to decorate hair and clothing. Arsenic caused rashes to those who wore them. The makers of the garments and accessories had worse deaths- symptoms I will not get into here (but please read the article). After much to do about the deaths from arsenic in dying fabric- many European countries banned the use of it, and synthetic dyes were created.

Today is is not an unfamiliar thing to hear about workplace safety. But in fashion- are there still issues? According to Little, Turkey recently banned sand blasting jeans due to contraction of silicosis from breathing in the sand. This, unfortunately, is still high in demand and such manufacturing is just moved to another country. 

Now there are also new initiatives such as the “new Circular Fibres Initiative” that bring clothing retailers together. The companies involved want to “build a circular economy for textiles.” This program will try to change the apparel industry to regenerative and sustaining business model. The fast pace world with an ever growing supply and demand of cotton with the lowest prices possible leads to farmers using and handling toxic pesticides that can harm their health and the environment, and in factories forced labor is still present but stays hidden. Many clothing companies are creating solutions to these problems, including organic cotton, and plant based footwear. “Circular Fibres Initiative has a stated goal of the textile industry using only recycled or other sustainably sourced materials by 2030.”  

Although we have come far from toxic dresses, there are still some strides to take. My advice to you my fellow LulaLovers…. donate your clothing! Do not throw it away- whether it be to consignment, Goodwill, a homeless shelter or Salvation Army- there are so many people who will re-use your unwanted clothing. If you are crafty- re-purpose your old attire into purses, wallets, and totes. Many people sell these for a sum on eBay. Pay it forward. 

Now that we can wear our bright colored fabulous clothing (and not get arsenic poisoning or worry about fading), lets use them as conversation pieces and show the world how amazing fashion is- and how many amazing companies are striving to do good by us!

Don’t forget to check out my VIP group HERE! for LuLaRoe, album sales every Wednesday!

Unicorn Craze and Carly Daze

My unicorn got me hooked on LuLaRoe and I didn’t even know it. 
What? How can that be? Yes you heard it right ladies and (few) gentlemen. I had NO idea. I was unaware of what a “unicorn” was… how highly sought out pieces were… and how much people are willing to pay for some pieces!!  

Some of you may be asking “what is a unicorn?” And some of you might be thinking its that majestic one horned horse you see on Lisa Frank trapper keepers from 1989. And no, it’s not that Starbucks drink. It is a pattern of LuLaRoe that is highly sought out by someone- to the point of possible obsession!  

The FIRST online purchase of LuLaRoe I made from my Sponsor, Amanda, was my beloved donut leggings. I love anything DONUTS! I don’t eat them often- but I like to share Neil’s donut’s in Wallingford with a friend on a special occasion maybe once or twice a year. So Donuts bring happy memories. When Amanda brought those donut leggings on screen I had to have them! My heart jumped and my fingers quickly scrambled to type SOLD!! And they were mine! My first pair of leggings. I did not know how soft and how addicting they would be either. Now I have NUMEROUS pairs of leggings! And will never buy another brand. Some may find $25 steep, however they are so comfy, soft, and have a nice thick band so they compliment your waist line.

I had another Unicorn I searched through thousands upon thousands of leggings. I wanted Pineapple leggings. I am still searching for OS pineapple leggings, however my friend Jessica found me Tween leggings and settled for them. Why do I love Pineapples? I was in Newport, RI and had to buy this sweater with pineapples on it…. and ever since pineapples bring fond memories of Newport- my favorite place in the USA. It is such a beautiful place- if you have not been I highly suggest a vacation!

Do I have any current Unicorns? I believe everyone who loves LuLaRoe will gain a new unicorn for every Unicorn they find. It is impossible to stop. I have reasons for every piece I love and reasons for every piece I want. What are your unicorns and why are they so special to you? Are you currently searching for them or have you found them?

Recently, in my first album sale, I had a serious stash of unicorns. I had a few ladies approach me in disbelief with the great first shipment LuLaRoe had sent me. They sent me the gold, a treasure chest. I had beautiful pieces that were on many ISO threads I had come to find out later on.  

When I had posted my merchandise last Wednesday, I woke up Thursday morning with over 16 pending requests to join my VIP group. I was shocked. How did people find out about my group? I struggled weeks before to increase membership. I had this gorgeous Carly in XS and Medium.

A heathered grey with coral orange and teal Native American patterns. I had never thought of having a Unicorn of something other than a pattern that meant something to me… but these ladies unicorns were this dress that I just passed a blind eye in my shipment. Was I missing something?  

The beautiful Carly in question

I asked Crystal, one of the lovely ladies who had purchased the Carly, “do you have any reasons why you wanted and loved that piece?” Crystal replied that she “honestly thought it was different from any I had seen before. And I could picture it as a cute summer dress or in the fall with cute brown boots and a little jacket or sweater.” Yes! Crystal is right- that is such a cute outfit no matter what season. With a light Lindsay or a jean jacket, tied with a hair band or wrapped with a brown braided belt. This dress is fashionable at a music festival this summer or at a coffee shop sipping a pumpkin spice latte.

“I can’t believe I actually got it and it was true to size and fits… …and its funny because I didn’t realize so many people wanted it, but now I’m seeing it ISO everywhere! And no I don’t care what the offer would be I am in loveee!!!” Yes, Crystal we are too! Enjoy that Carly, and gloat you got this Unicorn before someone else did! You look fabulous in it, and we can’t wait to see it through all the seasons! 

As always please join my VIP Group! and search for your very own Unicorn 🦄 💕